Successful work/life balance;

Achieving success at work is incomplete if you are unable to balance the demands of your career with other aspects of your life. It is easy to get so preoccupied with making a success of your career that you neglect other areas that are also very important such as family life. Having a true successful career must involve achieving a good work / life balance.

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How to achieve a successful work/life balance;

Achieving success at work can be very rewarding if you plan to, but you do not have to sacrifice other important areas of your life if you want to be successful and fulfilled. These areas include;

  1. Family life: Achieving a successful family life while building your career may require you to make certain changes in your working life which will accommodate your family goals. Family goals should not be sacrificed over your career as this is a permanent feature of your life, while career can be changed if you have to.
  2. Physical well being:
     While building your career you should not neglect to keep yourself fit and as healthy as possible. Work hard but take a break or holiday when you have to and do the occasional health checks when necessary. You do not have to break down before you are forced to stop.
  3. Spiritual Well being: Humans are both spiritual and physical beings. Develop yourself spiritually to enable you withstand the pressures of life and work which your physical body is not built to deal with alone. Improving your spiritual well-being will enhance your mental and emotional ability to achieve a more positive outcome in life and work.
  4. Keeping your finances in order: If you do not set financial goals or have an income plan to keep your finances in order, you will struggle financially no matter how much you earn.
  5. Develop personal relationships : Make time for friends and to socialize. It is said that all work and no play makes ( add your name here 🙂 ) a dull and cranky person. Work hard but make time to play and to socialize, or to develop a loving personal relationship.

Working hard and incorporating a life style that balances your work with these other aspects of life, will make you more vibrant, happier and more fulfilled in life and work.

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